Car Crashes into Vintage & More on the Blvd.
(Image: Allison Levine)

Deborah Baldridge was standing at the front desk of her store, Vintage and More, as she usually does. Deborah's sister and son were in the back moving a piece of merchandise. All of a sudden, Deborah heard "this crash, bang, and there was the car and everything went flying."

Deborah ran outside screaming "because (she) was afraid (her) sister would be staying in the back." She didn't know if the building would collapse or not "because (the car) took a big chunk out of the building." When she made it outside, Deborah saw the driver of the car on the ground, "somebody had pulled him out and he was seizing really badly. He was seizing for about five minutes," Deborah told NewsChannel 9. Before the car came to a stop halfway into her store, Deborah said "he clipped a truck, he clipped a car, then he knocked down a light pole."

Read the full story at News Channel 9 along with a full video of the evening news report on this incident.

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